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The new strain of bird flu, which has killed 33 people among 130 confirmed cases Nike Air Max Running nationwide, has led to huge losses for the country's poultry industry and driven many farms out of business. Due to the H7N9 virus, the country's poultry industry has suffered losses worth more than 40 billion yuan (6.5 billion U.S. dollars), according to the China Animal Agriculture Association. Many breeders in Shandong, a major poultry production province in eastern China, have reduced or killed all their breeding stocks in response to losses, said Cui Zhizhong, a professor at Shandong Agricultural University.


Prices of poultry products in China could rise sharply as early as next month as the waning H7N9 virus helps consumers regain confidence in poultry meat and eggs, experts said. Since late March, authorities have closed many poultry markets in eastern China to curb the spread Cheap Air Max Shoes of the virus and many consumers have stayed away from poultry products due to fears of being infected by the deadly virus. Since the beginning of May the number of new infections has been decreasing, according to health authorities. The price of eggs, for example, slumped 30 to 40 percent in the first three weeks after the virus emerged, and only started to recover during the past week, he added.


The prices of broiler chickens plunged to 0.24 yuan from 3 yuan within the first week of April and for each broiler of 2.5 kg in weight, poultry breeders lost up to five yuan, according to the Shandong provincial animal husbandry bureau. In a couple of production cycles, poultry prices Nike Air Max For Cheap could go up sharply and this could affect the market order nationwide, said Cui. He estimated that prices could go up in June or July. Qin Fu, director of the research institute of agricultural economics and development under the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, shared this viewpoint.

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